31 Ekim 2013 Perşembe



                3D object

              1m x 1m surface to walk on


                      1m x 1m surface to walk (using                                    carving technique)

1m x 1m vertical divider 
(using supporting joint material)

3D object for understanding elasticity of wood

30 Ekim 2013 Çarşamba

      Shaping wood : KÜNDEKÂRİ

     “Kündekâri” is an important technique in woodworking, was         developed in Anatolia during the era of the Seljuks.

      It is a three-dimensional art.
      With human patience and geometric genius, the artist             creates a masterpiece in wood using a technique known as        ‘kündekâri’ or tongue-and-groove joining.
      Various traditional motifs are used in this art which is         the art of fitting these wooden pieces to one another             without using any glue or nails.

Süleymaniye Mosque, İstanbul

Bursa Grand Mosque, Bursa

      There are different joinery techniques for wood pieces :


 Researching material

   'WOOD' is a natural construction material and it is the oldest material    used by humans for constructional purposes, after stone. It is readily and economically available; easily machinable; amenable to fabrication into an infinite variety of sizes and shapes using simple on-site building techniques.


3 Ekim 2013 Perşembe

              Rhythm in Istanbul
         Observation of the rhythm in urban environment with                      natural and unnatural elements